2024.04.03 15:21Nation



2024.04.03 15:21Nation

Japan Average Pump Price Rises for 2 Weeks in Row

The average retail price of regular gasoline in Japan stood at 174.6 yen per liter as of Monday, up 0.2 yen from a week before, the industry ministry said Wednesday.
   The average gasoline price gained for the second straight week, influenced by higher crude oil prices due chiefly to a weaker yen.
   The average price climbed in 30 of Japan's 47 prefectures. The biggest rise was 1.9 yen logged in Fukui, followed by 1.8 yen in Aomori and 1.6 yen in Miyagi.
   Government subsidies to oil wholesalers held down the nationwide average gasoline price by 23.5 yen.
   The average price is expected to show a modest rise next week, said an official at the Oil Information Center of the Institute of Energy Economics, Japan. The center conducts the weekly price survey on behalf of the ministry.