2023.09.19 20:18Nation

辺野古設計変更、斉藤国交相が勧告 「代執行」へ手続き


2023.09.19 20:18Nation

Land Minister Recommends Okinawa Governor Approve Henoko Design Changes

Japanese land minister Tetsuo Saito on Tuesday recommended that Okinawa Governor Denny Tamaki approve design changes to work related to the planned relocation of the U.S. Marine Corps' Futenma air base within the southernmost Japan prefecture.
   The recommendation is part of the Japanese government's plan to approve the changes on behalf of Tamaki based on the local autonomy law.
   It would become the second execution by proxy under the law over the plan to build a replacement facility in the Henoko coastal area in the city of Nago to relocate the Futenma base in the city of Ginowan after one in 2015.
   If Tamaki does not respond to the recommendation, the central government will switch it to an instruction. If the governor does not follow the instruction, the central government will file a lawsuit to make the Naha branch of Fukuoka High Court order the governor to approve the design changes.
   "We haven't received a report (on the recommendation) yet," Tamaki told reporters in Geneva, Switzerland. "We'll consider (our response) based on the report."