2023.06.19 05:41Nation

日印融合カレーで魅力アピール 食の交流イベント開催―ニューデリー


2023.06.19 05:41Nation

Japanese Food Promoted in New Delhi

An event was held in New Delhi, the capital of India, on Sunday to promote Japanese food.
   Noted Japanese vegan chef Hitoshi Sugiura served Japanese rice mixed with miscellaneous grains and cumin, as well as curry with beans and vegetables.
   The curry dish is healthy and delicious, Sugiura said. "I hope the attractiveness of Japanese and Indian food will be connected," he said.
   The event was hosted by the Japanese Embassy in India to promote exchanges between the two countries through food as part of efforts by Tokyo and New Delhi to promote tourism. The event was joined by companies running Japanese restaurants locally, and others.