2022.09.30 16:28Nation

防災地域、272市町村指定 政府、「死者8割減」目標に計画―日本・千島海溝地震


2022.09.30 16:28Nation

Areas Picked for Boosting Japan, Kuril Trench Quake Preparations

The Japanese government on Friday designated 272 municipalities in eight prefectures as areas for promoting measures to prevent and mitigate damage from possible major earthquakes occurring near the Japan and Kuril trenches in the Pacific Ocean and tsunamis from the temblors.
   Of the municipalities, 108 cities, towns and villages in seven prefectures were picked as areas where particularly strong prevention and mitigation measures will be drawn up. The government will provide financial aid to help these municipalities cover much of the costs for evacuation facilities and mass relocations.
   The designations were decided at a meeting of the government's Central Disaster Management Council, based on the special law on measures against quakes near the two trenches and tsunamis, which was amended at this year's regular session of the Diet, Japan's parliament.
   The 272 municipalities are areas expected to face a quake of at least lower 6, the third-highest level on Japan's seismic intensity scale, or tsunamis of 3 meters or higher. The eight prefectures where the municipalities are located are Hokkaido, northernmost Japan, Aomori, Iwate, Miyagi and Fukushima in northeastern Japan, and Ibaraki, Tochigi and Chiba in eastern Japan.
   The municipalities will draw up plans to prevent and reduce damage, and facilitate evacuations, while operators of hospitals, commercial facilities and railways in the areas will be required to compile their own measures against quakes and tsunamis.