2022.09.30 11:23Nation

かっぱ寿司社長に逮捕状 ライバル社の営業秘密取得容疑―警視庁


2022.09.30 11:23Nation

Arrest Warrant Obtained for Kappa Sushi President

Tokyo police obtained an arrest warrant for the president of the operator of the "Kappa Sushi" restaurant chain on Friday on suspicion of fraudulently obtaining confidential information on a rival company, investigative sources said.
   The Metropolitan Police Department plans to arrest Koki Tanabe, president of Kappa Create Co. , shortly on charges of violating the unfair competition prevention law.
   Another Kappa Create executive and a former subordinate to Tanabe are also expected to be arrested. In addition, the police will refer Kappa Create to prosecutors under a dual liability clause, which calls for punishing a company together with an employee who committed a crime as part of corporate activities.
   Tanabe, 46, is suspected of stealing the information over several occasions in 2020 from rival sushi restaurant chain Hama-Sushi Co., where he once served as an executive, according to the sources. Tanabe allegedly solicited the former subordinate to bring the information from Hama-Sushi.
   Tanabe worked for Tokyo-based Zensho Holdings Co. , which has Hama-Sushi and other restaurant chains under its wing, for over 20 years before moving to Kappa Create in November 2020.