2022.09.30 12:03Nation

岸田首相、総合経済対策の策定指示 物価、賃上げなど4本柱


2022.09.30 12:03Nation

Kishida Instructs Compilation of Full-Scale Economic Package

Japan's Prime Minister Fumio Kishida at a cabinet meeting Friday issued instructions for compiling a comprehensive economic package including four pillars such as dealing with soaring prices and facilitating wage growth.
   The other three centerpieces are strengthening the country's ability to earn taking advantage of the yen's current depreciation, accelerating "a new form of capitalism," a key policy of the Kishida administration, and ensuring the safety and security of people in the nation.
   The package is likely to be drawn up in late October. The government aims to get a fiscal 2022 second supplementary budget to finance the steps to be enacted during an extraordinary parliamentary session starting Monday.