2022.09.29 20:10Nation

茂木自民幹事長、村上氏処分を党紀委諮問へ 「国賊」発言、安倍派猛反発


2022.09.29 20:10Nation

LDP to Mull Punishing Murakami for "Traitor" Remark against Abe

Japan's ruling Liberal Democratic Party will consider whether to punish member lawmaker Seiichiro Murakami for describing slain former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe as a "traitor," it was learned Thursday.
   LDP Secretary-General Toshimitsu Motegi indicated his intention of asking the party's ethics committee to discuss the matter when Ryu Shionoya, acting head of an intraparty faction previously led by Abe, demanded the party punish Murakami, Shionoya told reporters.
   Earlier in the day, the biggest LDP faction held a meeting and decided to request Murakami's punishment.
   On Sept. 20, Murakami, a House of Representatives lawmaker, clarified his opposition to Abe's state funeral, criticizing the former prime minister as "a traitor who crumbed up the country's state finance, financial system, diplomacy and bureaucracy."
   Stressing that the remark is "very problematic," Shionoya said, "Murakami should quit the party because he called a person who gave him a party ticket a traitor."