2022.09.28 21:43Nation

出産育児一時金、高齢者も負担を 全世代社保会議が議論―政府


2022.09.28 21:43Nation

Elderly Urged to Also Shoulder Cost to Raise Childbirth Allowance

Elderly people aged 75 or over should also shoulder the cost required to increase Japan's lump-sum childbirth and child care allowance, a Japanese government panel has proposed.
   At Wednesday's meeting of the panel on building a social security system that benefits all generations, some members called for the need to create a system supported by a wide range of generations, including elderly people aged 75 or over, in order to secure funds to expand the allowance.
   The panel, chaired by Atsushi Seike, president of the Japanese Red Cross Society, decided to discuss concrete measures toward creating such a system at a welfare ministry council.
   Prime Minister Fumio Kishida has pledged to raise the lump-sum childbirth and child care allowance as part of the government's measures to tackle the country's falling birthrate.
   At the panel meeting, members confirmed that the funds needed to increase the lump-sum childbirth allowance should be supported by the medical insurance system as a whole.