2022.09.27 23:05Nation

中ロ軍艦、伊豆諸島通過 共同パトロールか―防衛省


2022.09.27 23:05Nation

China, Russia Warships Sail through Japan's Izu Island Chain

A total of seven Chinese and Russian warships sailed in between Japan's Izu islands in the Pacific Monday and Tuesday, a move believed to be part of the ongoing joint patrol activities by China and Russia, according to Japan's Defense Ministry.
   As the two nations have been stepping up joint military activities recently, the Japanese ministry is currently on high alert.
   According to the ministry's announcement on Tuesday, three Chinese navy ships, including a Nanchang-class destroyer, traveled west between the Izu islands of Sumisujima and Torishima on Monday night.
   Around noon Tuesday (3 a.m. GMT), four Russian navy vessels, including a Udaloy-class destroyer, passed through the contiguous zone around Japanese waters between the Izu islands of Mikurajima and Hachijojima and headed southwest.
   Japan's Maritime Self-Defense Force is currently engaged in surveillance activities.