2022.09.27 17:05Nation

大広から1500万円、再逮捕 元理事、受託収賄容疑3回目―贈賄側の役員も、東京地検


2022.09.27 17:05Nation

Ex-Tokyo Games Exec Served New Warrant over Bribery Scandal

Public prosecutors served a fresh arrest warrant Tuesday on Haruyuki Takahashi, a former Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics organizing committee executive, for allegedly receiving bribes from Daiko Advertising Inc.
   The arrest warrant was the third for Takahashi, 78, in a series of bribery cases linked to the Tokyo Games, held last year.
   The prosecutors believe that Takahashi acted as a mediator for many and received kickbacks although he was a "quasi-civil servant."
   Over the Daiko case, Kazumasa Fukami, a 73-year-old acquaintance of Takahashi and head of a consulting company, was also rearrested the same day. Daiko executive officer Yoshikazu Taniguchi, 57, was arrested, too.
   Takahashi and Fukami are suspected of having Taniguchi transfer about 15 million yen to Fukami's firm between January 2019 and February 2022 after being asked by Taniguchi to help Daiko to be picked as a partner of advertising giant Dentsu Inc., which was the exclusive agency for the Tokyo Games, responsible for soliciting sponsors for the sporting events.