2022.08.16 20:40Nation

コロナ死者、1カ月で7倍 連日200人超、「第6波」に迫る


2022.08.16 20:40Nation

COVID-19 Deaths Surging amid 7th Infection Wave in Japan

Japan is seeing a surge in the number of COVID-19-related deaths during the ongoing seventh infection wave.
   With the BA.5 omicron subvariant of the novel coronavirus running rampant across the country, the number of daily death cases has recently been exceeding 200 nearly every day, coming close to the levels seen during the sixth wave that swept across the country at the beginning of this year.
   According to the health ministry, the daily tally of COVID-19 deaths announced by local governments hit a record high of 277 on Feb. 22 this year, during the height of the sixth infection wave.
   COVID-19 deaths then started to decrease, with the total staying below 100 for around four months from April 2. The number of death cases was even below 10 on some days.
   The figure climbed back above 100 on July 26, as a result of a steep increase in the number of coronavirus infection cases from the end of June.