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愛知の工業用水、供給停止の恐れ 施設漏水、自動車関連企業に影響も


2022.05.19 00:51Nation

Industrial Water Supply Feared to Be Halted in Aichi

The supply of industrial water to some areas of Aichi Prefecture, central Japan, may have to be suspended due to a water leak, prefectural government officials said Wednesday.
   Water might not be sent to 131 businesses in nine cities and three towns, many of which are automobile-related companies.
   A large-scale water leak took place at a weir in the city of Toyota where the industrial water comes from.
   The leak occurred in the early hours of Tuesday. A branch of the agriculture ministry in the central Japan region of Tokai, which manages the facility, has been taking emergency measures including installing a makeshift pump.
   But there is not enough water to serve the 12 municipalities. The leak has already led to the supply of agricultural water being suspended in eight cities.