2022.05.17 19:08Nation

補正予算案、2兆7009億円決定 物価高対策で予備費補充―政府


2022.05.17 19:08Nation

Japan Govt OKs 2.7-T.-Yen Draft Supplementary Budget

The Japanese government Tuesday approved a draft fiscal 2022 supplementary budget for emergency measures to fight soaring prices that calls for general-account spending of 2,700.9 billion yen.
   The amount will be financed entirely with deficit-covering bonds.
   The government plans to submit the draft budget to the current session of the Diet, Japan's parliament, ending in June in hopes of enacting it by the end of this month.
   The extra budget is expected to meet resistance from opposition parties as it will be used mainly to replenish reserve funds that the government can use without Diet approval.
   The draft calls for setting aside 1,520 billion yen to replenish the reserve funds, already used to finance some of the emergency measures.