2021.12.02 12:25Nation

国際線予約停止要請を撤回 岸田首相「帰国需要に配慮を」―新型コロナ


2021.12.02 12:25Nation

Japan Withdraws Request for Inbound Flight Bookings Halt

Japan's transport ministry Thursday notified airline companies of the withdrawal of its request that the acceptance of new reservations for passenger flights to the country be stopped across the board.
   Prime Minister Fumio Kishida instructed the ministry to review the blanket measure as criticism grew that the suspension would make it difficult for Japanese nationals to return from abroad.
   The withdrawal was announced by Chief Cabinet Secretary Hirokazu Matsuno at a news conference Thursday.
   "We've confused some people," Kishida told reporters at the prime minister's office. "I've instructed the transport ministry to give its full attention to demand from Japanese nationals returning home."
   Kishida explained that the request was made hurriedly as Japan lowered the cap on the daily number of entrants to the country to 3,500 from 5,000, effective from Tuesday.