2021.12.01 23:28Nation

3回目接種「6カ月後」拡大を検討 オミクロン国内確認で―政府


2021.12.01 23:28Nation

Japan Mulls More Exceptions to Booster Interval

The Japanese government is considering more exceptions to allow people to receive third COVID-19 vaccine shots six months after second shots, following the second case of the omicron variant was confirmed in the country, officials said Wednesday.
   The government will consider more exceptions to the principle that people wait eight months to get booster shots, Chief Cabinet Secretary Hirokazu Matsuno told a press conference.
   Earlier in the day, Matsuno had said that based on available information, the government could not consider any more exceptions to the principle.
   On Friday, the government said that booster shots are administered eight months after second shots in principle and that a six-month interval is allowed only when a COVID-19 cluster hits hospitals or elderly nursing homes.