2021.09.13 22:03Nation

河野氏、石破氏に協力要請 岸田氏、外交政策発表―高市氏は議員回り開始・総裁選


2021.09.13 22:03Nation

Kono Asks for Ishiba's Support in LDP Leadership Election

Three lawmakers of Japan's ruling Liberal Democratic Party planning to run in the Sept. 29 party leadership election launched full-scale efforts to gain support from party members on Monday, with Taro Kono, one of the contenders, asking for backing from former Secretary-General Shigeru Ishiba.
   Kono, 58, regulatory reform minister, met with Ishiba, 64, for around 20 minutes to ask for his support.
   Kono asked Ishiba to provide support in the election and if he becomes prime minister, informed sources said.
   According to Ishiba, Kono said that he wants to build a united party if he is elected party president. Kono also voiced his hopes to fully utilize the power of the faction bearing Ishiba's name, Ishiba said.
   Kono is believed to be ready to give extra consideration to members of the Ishiba faction on personnel appointments if he becomes LDP president and hence prime minister.