2021.09.13 15:40Nation

道路交通量の調査員廃止へ カメラとAIで常時観測―国交省検討


2021.09.13 15:40Nation

Japan to Dump Traffic Volume Surveyors

Japan's transport ministry has started talks to scrap traffic surveys conducted manually throughout the country by surveyors and others.
   The ministry aims to switch to using artificial intelligence to analyze footage from traffic surveillance cameras, in hopes of streamlining operations and cutting costs, officials said.
   In the future, the ministry plans to create a system that will enable round-the-clock traffic volume research and hopes to use the data for its measures to address traffic congestion, according to the officials.
   The ministry has worked with local governments to conduct a large-scale traffic survey covering national and prefectural roads once every five years.
   In the existing survey, the ministry records data on the number of vehicles and how fast the vehicles go. Such data are used to draw up road development plans.