2021.09.13 19:10Nation

国内新たに4171人感染 前週月曜日から半減―新型コロナ


2021.09.13 19:10Nation

Tokyo Reports 611 New Coronavirus Cases

The Tokyo metropolitan government said Monday that 611 novel coronavirus infection cases were newly reported in the Japanese capital on the day.
   The daily count stood below 700 for the first time since July 12, when the daily tally came to 502. It fell by 357 from a week earlier, marking the 22nd consecutive day of week-on-week decline.
   On Monday, 12 COVID-19 deaths were newly confirmed in Tokyo.
   According to the metropolitan government, the seven-day average of newly recorded coronavirus patients stood at 1,333 as of Monday, down 44.8 pct from a week before.
   Of Monday's total, people in their 20s formed the largest group by age, at 165, followed by those in their 30s, at 115, and those in their 40s, at 91. People aged 19 or younger numbered 115, while those aged 65 or older totaled 40.