2021.09.13 18:21Nation

「地域の平和と安全脅かす」 北朝鮮新型巡航ミサイルで政府


2021.09.13 18:21Nation

N. Korea's Missile Tests Threaten Peace, Safety: Kato

North Korea's new long-range cruise missile tests are a threat to the peace and safety of areas surrounding Japan, Japanese Chief Cabinet Secretary Katsunobu Kato said Monday.
   Earlier in the day, North Korea's state-run Korean Central News Agency said that the country successfully test-fired a new type of long-range cruise missiles on Saturday and Sunday.
   "Japan has concerns" if the reported missile tests are true, Kato, the government's top spokesman, told a press conference.
   "We have not confirmed any (missile) flight toward or into Japan's exclusive economic zone," Kato also said.
   He added that Japan will continue gathering information and keeping an eye on North Korea's military movements in close cooperation with the United States and South Korea.