2021.09.13 10:39Nation

星出さん、船外活動終了 約7時間、無事作業成功


2021.09.13 10:39Nation

Japanese Astronaut Hoshide Completes 4th Spacewalk

Japanese astronaut Akihiko Hoshide finished his fourth spacewalk, which lasted about seven hours, shortly past 4 a.m. Monday Japan time (7 p.m. Sunday GMT).
   Hoshide, 52, commander of the International Space Station, completed all of his scheduled operations, including work to install parts to set up a new solar array, without any accident.
   During his previous long-term ISS mission in 2012, Hoshide engaged in extravehicular activity three times.
   The latest spacewalk marked his fourth overall, tying the record among Japanese astronauts held by Soichi Noguchi, 56.
   Hoshide has now spent a total of 28 hours and 17 minutes spacewalking, rewriting the record for a Japanese astronaut struck by Noguchi.