2021.09.10 17:21Nation

回収ワクチンと死亡、関係不明 モデルナ製、調査継続―厚労省部会


2021.09.10 17:21Nation

Relationship between Moderna Vaccine Doses, Deaths Still Unknown

A Japanese health ministry panel said Friday that a causal relationship between doses of Moderna Inc.'s recalled COVID-19 vaccine and the deaths of three people who received them is still unknown.
   The panel said there is no sufficient information at the moment to determine whether a causal relationship exists between the shots and deaths.
   The three people died after receiving shots of the Moderna vaccine with the same lot number with those recalled due to contamination with foreign objects.
   The panel said it will continue to investigate the matter carefully. It said that the continued use of Moderna's vaccine will pose no problem as potentially contaminated shots have been collected.
   One of the three people, a 38-year-old man, died of lethal arrhythmia, the panel said. The causes of the deaths of the other two remain unknown as autopsies of their bodies are ongoing, it said.