2021.09.10 16:44Nation

保育所、コロナで126カ所休園 16都道府県、7月から急増―厚労省


2021.09.10 16:44Nation

Coronavirus-Caused Nursery Closures Surge in Japan

A total of 126 nurseries and certified "kodomoen" kindergarten-nursery hybrids in 16 prefectures were fully closed as of Thursday due to novel coronavirus infections, the health ministry said in a survey report on Friday.
   The temporary closures came after the discovery of infection cases among staff members or children at the establishments or neighboring facilities.
   The total of closed nurseries marked a steep increase of about eightfold from 16 on July 1, seemingly reflecting the spread of the highly infectious delta variant of the virus, which was first identified in India.
   According to the ministry, a cumulative total of 5,627 such preschool facilities across Japan have reported infection cases involving 5,550 staff members and 6,751 children.
   The number of closed facilities surged to a record high of 185 as of Sept. 2 in line with growth in the nationwide total of new infection cases.