2021.09.10 13:57Nation

アナフィラキシー「可能性低い」 モデルナ異物混入で見解―ワクチン学会


2021.09.10 13:57Nation

Foreign Objects in Moderna Vaccine Unlikely to Cause Anaphylaxis

Chances are low that foreign objects found in U.S. biotechnology company Moderna Inc.'s COVID-19 vaccine in Japan will cause anaphylaxis, or a strong allergic reaction, an academic society has said.
   The Japanese Society for Vaccinology said in a statement that such a contamination must never happen again, calling for the prevention of similar incidents.
   Earlier this month, the Japanese health ministry said part of Moderna's COVID-19 vaccine shipped to Japan contained fragments of stainless steel mixed in accidentally during its production in Spain.
   The statement by the academic society pointed out that an inoculated foreign metal substance is unlikely to trigger systemic symptoms. It also said that chances are low for such a substance to become the cause of anaphylaxis seen shortly after inoculations because allergic reactions to metal take time to be exhibited.
   It was "very disappointing" that contaminated vaccine vials were delivered to some vaccination centers in Japan, the statement said, calling on authorities to secure safety by thoroughly managing related processes, from manufacturing to shipments, and conducting checks before vaccinations.