2021.09.10 11:36Nation

性暴力「撮影罪」新設を検討 強制性交の要件緩和も 法相諮問へ


2021.09.10 11:36Nation

Japan Mulling Stricter Measures against Sex Crimes

Japan is considering law revisions to strengthen crackdowns on sex crimes, such as establishing a new crime of taking videos of rape or secretly photographing victims, Justice Minister Yoko Kamikawa said Friday.
   Other measures being mulled include easing requirements for what constitutes rape and raising the age of consent from the current 13.
   Kamikawa said that she will consult the Legislative Council, an advisory panel to the minister, on the proposed measures on Thursday.
   A total of 10 measures will be proposed, including setting up a new provision for punishing sex crimes between people with power imbalances, such as teachers and students, and senior and junior workers. Others include punishing the forcible insertion of any body part or object into the body of the victim as heavily as rape, as it is currently punished as indecent assault, clarifying that rape can occur between spouses and reviewing the statute of limitations.
   The ministry is also planning to establish penalties for providing videos and photographs of rape, as well as a system in which such videos and photographs can be confiscated and deleted even if the case does not lead to indictment.