2021.09.10 05:55Nation

エマニュエル氏「幅広い実績」 駐日大使人事で米報道官


2021.09.10 05:55Nation

U.S. Official Says Envoy Nominee Rahm Has "Extensive Experience"

White House press secretary Jen Psaki said Thursday that U.S. President Joe Biden nominated former Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel as U.S. ambassador to Japan because he has "extensive experience" as a public servant and a member of Congress.
   Speaking at a press conference, Psaki said that Biden thinks Rahm "would be somebody who would represent the U.S. interests in Japan."
   Emanuel is facing criticism that he allegedly covered up a fatal shooting by the police of a black teenager while in office as Chicago mayor.
   Although Psaki received a question related to Emanuel's handling of the shooting incident, she avoided giving a direct answer.