2021.08.04 20:32Nation

衆院、2倍超の選挙区増加 参院は「3倍未満」変わらず―1票の格差


2021.08.04 20:32Nation

More Lower House Districts Have Vote-Value Gap of Over 2 Times

Fifteen constituencies in Japan's House of Representatives had vote-value disparities of over two times compared with the least populated electoral district as of Jan. 1, up sharply from a year before, Jiji Press estimates showed Wednesday.
   Last year, six electoral districts in the lower chamber of parliament had vote-value gaps above two times, marking the first time that the disparity exceeded the level since a drastic redrawing of the electoral map in 2017.
   The No. 1 constituency in Tottori Prefecture had the smallest population, at 274,046, while the No. 22 constituency in Tokyo had the largest population, at 560,962.
   As a result, the weight of a single vole in the Tottori No. 1 constituency was 2.047 times greater than that in the Tokyo No. 22 constituency. Last year, the maximum disparity was 2.016 times.
   The estimates are based on resident register data from the internal affairs ministry.