2021.08.04 19:47Nation

国内最多1万4207人感染 東京も更新4166人―新型コロナ


2021.08.04 19:47Nation

Tokyo Logs Record 4,166 New Coronavirus Cases

The Tokyo metropolitan government reported a record 4,166 new coronavirus cases on Wednesday.
   The daily number of new cases in the Japanese capital increased by 989 from a week earlier to surpass the previous record high of 4,058, set on Saturday.
   The seven-day average of new infections rose 78 pct to 3,478.7, according to the metropolitan government.
   Of Wednesday's new cases, 1,380 were confirmed among people in their 20s, 885 among those in their 30s and 658 among those in their 40s. Those aged 65 or over accounted for 131.
   The number of people severely ill with the coronavirus under the metropolitan government's criteria climbed by three from the previous day to 115.