2019.11.09 06:13Nation

日本の英語力、非英語圏で53位 世界ランク、前年から低下


2019.11.09 06:13Nation

Japan Ranks 53rd in English Skills: Survey

Japanese people's English proficiency level ranked 53rd in an annual survey of 100 non-English speaking countries and regions by EF Education First, down from 49th place in the 2018 survey.
   The grim status was highlighted at a time when teachers and others involved in English education in Japan were shaken by the government's recent decision to postpone the introduction of private-sector English tests under a new unified university entrance examination system.
   According to the results of the 2019 survey, the list was topped by the Netherlands, followed by Sweden in the second spot, Norway in the third place and Denmark in the fourth position, with European nations dominating the top slots.
   Among Asian countries, Japan lagged behind Singapore, which came in 5th, the Philippines, in 20th, South Korea, in 37th, Taiwan, in 38th, and China, in 40th.
   Japan's English language skills also fell below the world average.