2023.09.26 14:11Nation

「準難民」制度、12月施行 ウクライナ想定―改正入管法


2023.09.26 14:11Nation

Japan's Quasi-Refugee System to Start on Dec. 1

Japan's new system to grant quasi-refugee status to evacuees from conflict zones who are not recognized as refugees under the U.N. Refugee Convention will take effect on Dec. 1, the Justice Ministry said Tuesday.
   The system is included in the revised immigration control and refugee recognition law, enacted in June.
   The complementary protection system is intended to help evacuees from conflict-torn Ukraine and Syria. The government will give status of residence to such quasi-refugees and support them in a stable manner.
   Currently, the government allows evacuees from Ukraine, which has been invaded by Russia, to stay in Japan at the discretion of the justice minister as Tokyo does not recognize them as refugees under the U.N. convention.
   "It's a system to ensure the protection of those facing a humanitarian crisis. We aim to save many people from their sufferings by putting it into force as early as possible," Justice Minister Ryuji Koizumi said at a press conference Tuesday.