2023.03.27 20:51Nation

東名阪道で5台事故 3人死亡、1人重体―三重


2023.03.27 20:51Nation

3 Killed in Traffic Accident in Central Japan

Three people were killed in a multiple-vehicle accident that occurred on an expressway in the central Japan prefecture of Mie in the small hours of Monday, prefectural police said.
   The accident involving five vehicles occurred on the Higashimeihan Expressway in the city of Kameyama around 2:25 a.m. (5:25 p.m. Sunday GMT), also leaving one in critical condition and four others injured.
   Shinji Kakuta, a 53-year-old corporate worker from the western Japan city of Osaka, who was driving a medium-sized truck on the inbound lane, died in the accident, the police said.
   The other two killed in the accident are Hiroaki Tsuzuki, 86, from Toyota, Aichi Prefecture, central Japan, and his wife, Mihoko, 83, the police said.
   An accident involving three vehicles, including Kakuta's truck, on the inbound lane caused loaded plastic bottles to scatter on the outbound lane, resulting in a collision of Tsuzuki's minivehicle and another vehicle, according to the police.