2023.02.07 19:27Nation

被爆2世訴訟、原告の請求棄却 遺伝的影響「通説的でない」―広島地裁


2023.02.07 19:27Nation

Court Rejects Claim over 2nd-Generation Hibakusha Relief

Hiroshima District Court on Tuesday dismissed a damages claim filed against the Japanese government over the lack of support for children of atomic bomb survivors.
   The court rejected the lawsuit by 28 so-called second-generation hibakusha, who demanded 100,000 yen per person in damages. They had claimed that excluding children of atomic bomb survivors from the scope of people eligible for relief for survivors amounted to illegal legislative inaction.
   According to the complaint, the plaintiffs argued that many second-generation hibakusha have suffered mental harm due to worries about their health, as the possibility of there being genetic effects from atomic bomb radiation on survivors' children could not be denied.
   They had argued that legislative measures should be taken to give aid to second-generation hibakusha.
   The government had called for the claim to be dismissed, arguing that scientific evidence of genetic effects of radiation damage from an atomic bomb has not been shown.