2023.01.27 07:20Nation

中期的な財政再建開始を IMF対日審査団長インタビュー


2023.01.27 07:20Nation

INTERVIEW: IMF Wants Japan to Begin Fiscal Consolidation

Japan should begin reducing fiscal deficit and take steps toward medium-term fiscal consolidation, International Monetary Fund official Ranil Salgado said Thursday.
   In an interview with Jiji Press, Salgado, head of the IMF's mission to Japan, said that the country should begin debt reduction as its economy is recovering from the crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.
   The official avoided commenting on Tokyo's plan to drastically expand defense spending, saying that national security concerns are issues for national governments.
   But Salgado said that "it's important that any additional spending be matched by a plan to raise revenue."
   He expressed understanding for securing funds for the increased defense expenditures through "recurring revenues" such as a corporate tax hike.