2022.12.02 11:21Nation

天皇陛下、前立腺「異常なし」 生検で確定診断―宮内庁


2022.12.02 11:21Nation

No Abnormalities Found in Japan Emperor Naruhito's Prostate

Japan's Imperial Household Agency said Friday that no abnormalities have been found in a prostate biopsy taken from Emperor Naruhito.
   While the Emperor does not have any subjective symptoms, his condition will continue to be monitored.
   According to the agency, 62-year-old Emperor Naruhito was hospitalized overnight from Sunday at the University of Tokyo Hospital for the biopsy, taken as a precaution after a magnetic resonance imaging test taken at the same hospital on Nov. 6 showed an enlargement of his prostate.
   The Emperor underwent the MRI test following a slightly concerning trend found in a prostate-specific antigen test that he had taken.
   In 2007, Emperor Naruhito, then Crown Prince, underwent surgery to remove a polyp in his duodenum.