2022.07.22 13:05Nation

ワクチン5回目、今秋にも実施へ オミクロン対応改良型、高齢者に―4回目の対象拡大も決定・厚労省


2022.07.22 13:05Nation

Japan to Prepare for 5th COVID-19 Shots

An expert panel of Japan's health ministry adopted a plan Friday to administer fifth shots of COVID-19 vaccines mainly to elderly people starting as early as this autumn.
   The fifth shots will use improved versions of vaccines targeting omicron variants of the coronavirus that are now under development by companies such as Pfizer Inc. and Moderna Inc.
   The ministry panel also decided to expand the scope of people eligible for fourth shots to include all medical and elderly care workers aged 18 or over.
   After the expansion, some eight million people will newly become eligible for fourth shots under a publicly funded vaccination program.
   New COVID-19 cases are surging in Japan due to the spread of the BA. 5 omicron subvariant.