2022.06.29 21:30Nation

中国、東シナ海でまた掘削施設 ガス田開発、日本政府が抗議


2022.06.29 21:30Nation

Japan Confirms Another Chinese Facility in East China Sea

Japan has confirmed the completion of another platform for China's gas field development in the East China Sea, the Foreign Ministry said Wednesday.
   The Maritime Self-Defense Force confirmed that China installed what appeared to be drilling equipment on a structure on the west of the geographical equidistance line between the two countries, the ministry said.
   Japan protested to China through a diplomatic channel, saying it is extremely regrettable that China is conducting gas development unilaterally despite Japan's repeated protests.
   The new structure is the 18th one found in the East China Sea. The ministry last week said that the completion of a different platform was confirmed also in the East China Sea.