2022.05.21 13:31Nation

クアッド首脳会議、首都厳戒 1万8000人態勢、交通規制も―警視庁


2022.05.21 13:31Nation

Tokyo Police on High Alert ahead of Quad Summit

Tokyo police are on high alert ahead of U.S. President Joe Biden's first visit to Japan as president from Sunday and a Quad summit among Japan, the United States, Australia and India to be held in the Japanese capital on Tuesday.
   Tokyo's Metropolitan Police Department is mobilizing some 18,000 police officers to ensure the capital's security, about the same number deployed at the time of then U.S. President Donald Trump's visit to Japan in 2019.
   Having Russia's invasion of Ukraine in mind, Yoshihiko Oishi, superintendent general of the MPD, said, "We'll be strengthening our policing as we face a grave situation that is shaking international affairs seriously."
   At the State Guest House in Tokyo's Minato Ward on Wednesday, the MPD conducted VIP protection and bomb disposal drills.
   The MPD is mobilizing units that use security dogs or Segway two-wheel electric vehicles to guard places where many people gather, such as terminal train stations and Tokyo International Airport at Haneda.