2022.05.14 22:44Nation

山中の骨、不明女児と断定 鑑定でDNA型一致―事件、事故両面で捜査・山梨県警


2022.05.14 22:44Nation

Bone Found in Central Japan Belonged to Missing Girl: Police

The police department of Yamanashi Prefecture has concluded that a human shoulder blade recently found in a mountain area in the central Japan prefecture belonged to a girl who went missing from a nearby campsite in 2019, the police said Saturday.
   The girl, Misaki Ogura, then a 7-year-old elementary school first-grader, disappeared during her visit to the campsite in the village of Doshi in Yamanashi with her family and friends in September 2019.
   The shoulder blade was found on May 4 near the place where a human skull fragment was discovered.
   The DNA type of the shoulder blade matched that of the girl from the city of Narita, Chiba Prefecture, eastern Japan, the Yamanashi police said. The police department will investigate the cause of Misaki's death, suspecting the possibility of the girl having been involved in an accident or a crime.